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Hematologic malignancy
Recent blood transfusion
Bone marrow/stem cell transplant
Liver transplant
Current liver or kidney failure


Your genetic make-up is one of the most important factors that affect how well you respond to certain medications. New advances in science make it possible to test the key genes known to influence how you may respond to medications before you ever take them. Pharmacogenetic testing looks at the key genetic factors that can play a role in how well you may respond to different medications and determines if you may be at an increased risk of your medication not working or causing side effects.

  • Simple, at-home Pharmacogenetics (PGx) test
  • Insights into over 130 medications for pain management, mental health, cardiology, and more
  • May reduce adverse drug events and prevent trial and error approach with certain medications
  • Easy to read, actionable reports to share with your doctor
  • Painless swab collection
  • We never share your information
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